Mentorship Program 2022

Mentorship Program

NEW: Team Soldxperts is Offering a FREE* Mentorship Program to individuals looking for growth & professional development.

Each program will be tailor to meet your specific needs.

Your PASSION + Our TIME = Rewarding FUTURE.


Categories Includes:

  1. Generic career advise, discussion & suggestions
  2. Business Mentorship for Early Entrepreneurs (any industry)
  3. Mentorship in Real Estate as a Career or as an Investor


Age No Bar – Feel free to contact us if you think you are stuck-in-a-rut & looking for a change!

Alternately, you can also be a part of this change by connecting aspiring individuals with us seeking mentorship.

For details contact: Richi Khanna @ 647-997-1281 or Sign Up by completing the form on this page.