First Time Home Buyer Challenges & Resolutions

If you are a FIRST TIME HOME BUYER in this surging hot real estate market within GTA, you may relate to this article which I am going to uncover in detail below.

Hi, I am RICHI KHANNA from Homelife/Miracle Realty Ltd. and I help people buy and sell properties. Before I get started, if you or anyone you know planning to buy or sell real estate call me at 647-997-1281 or just pass my number on.

I met William T., who is my client now, about 2 weeks ago. He has lived in this country for over 9 years. Being a self-employed individual, he has been saving bits and pieces of his earning to buy his first home in Canada. Before meeting me, he thought his first home purchase in Canada is still couple of years out for him. Seldomly he visited open houses now and then but had no clear directions on how and when he can actually be a home owner in this country. Unfortunately, first time buyers have very little access to relevant information & resources which, in turn, makes this whole process of home buying overly complicated which was primarily the main reason he was not able to progress.

When I first met him; after a quick 15-minute meeting about his home buying needs and his current financial situation, I was able to present to him the serious of steps he would need to follow in order to purchase his very first home. To our surprise, the dream what he originally thought was couple of years out is only couple of months out now.

He has access to our Exclusive VIP HOME HUNTER SERVICE right now which means all best deals including bank foreclosures & other distress sales are available in his inbox and message box each & every day. He is also currently in the process of getting pre-approved through our lender partners. As soon as it’s complete, he will be visiting houses as per his needs & budget which would allow him to buy his first home at a competitive price but most importantly with least amount of HASSLE.

Since he has met me, he has been empowered with so much knowledge & abundance of resources which were not available to him otherwise. He has started to send me referrals especially of those people who have been unsuccessful in their dreams of buying their first home just like him.

If you are First Time Home Buyer in market today & finding yourself in a similar situation as William, you may contact me directly at 647-997-1281 so I can provide you access to all relevant resources & information. Also, if you would like access to our Exclusive Home Hunter Service; sign up at http://www.richikhanna.ca/gc_firsttime.

P.S. All our VIP Buyers are entitled to a RISK-FREE Home Purchase Guarantee for 12 months. Contact today for details at 647-997-1281 & start packing!