5 Home Maintenance Tips For Brampton Homes

Home Maintenance Tips Happy March! We know you don’t want to think about this issue yet,

but as Spring is coming, it’s time to start checking the things in your home maintenance tips. Although the weather may not be warm enough for you to relax outdoors, March is the best time to start, so when the time comes, you can enjoy it without disturbing it immediately. 


This is what you should do:


  1. Prepare your air conditioner:

Although we still need to be awake to the frost on the windshield, routine maintenance of the air conditioner can still make a big difference! Replace the HVAC filter and ask a professional to inspect it. Don’t wait until mid-summer when you find that repairs are needed!


  1. Check the roof and gutter: 

This is the key! As the ice melts, it is time to start assessing any damage caused by the winter weather. Check drains and remove debris and ice, perform repairs, and check for leaks on the roof.


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  1. Clean your decks and terraces: 

Soon, outdoor recreation will be rejuvenated. However, as you know, the temperament of the Atlantic Ocean will bring a series of good weather before the arrival of spring. Don’t waste spontaneous warm weekends to prepare decks and terraces, get ready now so that when the time is up, you are ready to enjoy! Sweep, scrub and stain your deck immediately!


  1. Grooming the lawn:

The growing season is just around the corner-start picking up the debris that accumulates in the winter and fill the bare areas with grass seeds and fertilizer.


  1. Replace the furnace filter: 

This will make the airflow unimpeded. If the furnace becomes clogged, the furnace must work harder, which will cause it to wear out more quickly.




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