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Household Items Last Longer. Buying a house is expensive enough. Filling it up with the things you need will increase the cost,

and spending more money to replace those things will result in more bills. In the long run, extending the life of household items can save you a lot of money.


Here are five tips to make certain common household items last longer:

  1. Flip your mattress.

Most mattresses have a service life of 7 to 10 years. If you flip or rotate the mattress irregularly, it may need to be replaced as soon as possible. Ask the manufacturer or company that sells you the mattress whether it recommends how often you rotate or flip the mattress to prevent it from sagging in an area due to the impression of the human body. The pillow mattress must be rotated. Or rotate the mattress as needed (for example, once a month).


  1. Remove the battery.

If you do not use something that requires a battery for a long time, remove the battery until you need it again. Sometimes, you try to use some battery-powered device, but find that it cannot be used because the battery is dead. Or worse, the battery has corroded and rendered the device unusable.


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  1. Use an appropriate amount of laundry detergent.

Many new washing machines require much less washing powder than you might think. After all, if your clothes are dirty, you can add a little more detergent to make them cleaner, right? not completely. Too much soap can make it more difficult for the washing machine to work during the rinse and spin cycle to remove all the soap and cause damage to the washing machine. Try to use less soap and see if the clothes are clean.


  1. Maintain your appliances

Regular maintenance is not only necessary for your car. Clean the vacuum around the coil and vents of the refrigerator to keep it running smoothly without consuming extra energy to run it. Replace stove cleaners regularly, repair air conditioners and heaters every year, clean drains every year, and even do simple things, such as cleaning coffee machines, to extend the life of the house and its components.


  1. Clean the clothes dryer.

If the wet clothes in the dryer take longer than usual to dry, there is something wrong with the dryer. Clean the lint collector and exhaust hose regularly, and check whether the external vent is blocked. If the air does not flow through the dryer and flows outside the house, it is difficult to dry the clothes inside. This may cause more time to run the dryer and work harder, leading to more failures.


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Household Items Last Longer

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