How To Save Thousands Of Dollars When Buying Your Home

In case you’re similar to most homebuyers, you have two essential considerations at the top of the priority list when you begin searching for a home. To start with, you need to locate a home that consummately addresses your issues and wants, and second, you need to buy this home at the least conceivable cost.

When you analyze those successful home buyers who have been able to purchase the home they want for thousands of dollars below a seller’s asking price, some common denominators emerge. Although your agent’s negotiating skills are important, there are three additional key factors that must come into play long before you ever submit an offer.

Make sure you know what you want . . .

As simple as this sounds, many homebuyers don’t have a firm thought in their minds before they go out looking for a home. Indeed, when you go out on the town to shop for a place to live, there are really two homes seeking your consideration: the one that addresses your needs, and the one that satisfies your desires.

Obviously, your goal is to find one home that does both. But in the real world, this situation doesn’t always occur. When you’re looking at homes, you’ll find that you fall in love with one or another home for entirely different reasons. Is it better to buy the 4-bedroom home with room for your family to grow, or the one with the big eat-in kitchen that romances you with thoughts of big weekend family brunches?

See whether your agent offers a “Buyer Profile System” or “House Hunting Service,” which removes the mystery from finding the perfect home that coordinates your requirements. This kind of program will cross-coordinate your models with ALL accessible homes available and supply you with printed data on an on-going basis.

How Sellers Set Their Asking Price

  1. Clearly Overpriced:

Each seller needs to understand the most amount of money they can for their home, and realtors know this. In the event that more than one agent is competing for your listing, a simple method to win the fight is to overblow up the value of your home. This is done far too often, with many homes that are priced 10-20% over their true market value.

  1. Somewhat Overpriced:

Around 3/4 of the homes available are 5-10% overrated. These homes will likewise sit available longer than they should. There’s generally one of two components affecting everything here. Possibly you put stock in your heart that your house is truly worth this much in spite of what the market has demonstrated. (after all, there’s a ton of feeling got up to speed in this issue),. Either way, this strategy will cost you both in terms of time on the market and the ultimate price received.

  1. Priced Correctly at Market Value

A few sellers comprehend that real estate is important for the free enterprise arrangement of supply; and demand; and will cautiously and reasonably value their homes based on a thorough analysis of other homes on the market. These seriously valued homes generally sell inside a sensible time period and extremely near the asking cost.

  1. Priced Below the Fair Market Value 

A few sellers are motivated by a quick sale. These homes pull in different offers and sell quick – ordinarily in a couple of days – at, or over, the asking cost. Be cautious that the agent suggesting this method is doing so with your best interest in mind.


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