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Million Dollar Homes in Brampton.

Brampton is a city in great motion and growing rapidly fast. Brampton is a great place for real estate investments. The vibrant city has seen tremendous growth in recent years for various home types especially the million dollar homes. The luxury living has become a norm in the city lately. Many young families have sold their townhomes or semi-detached homes and upgraded to a luxury home for couple reasons. One obvious reason is bigger lot size and more square footage inside with an extra room but also the growth potential in million dollar home has been tremendous; while living a luxurious life style at the same time is a dual win. The capital gain on detached versus semi-detached homes has outpaced in the last 5 years in the Brampton, previously known as Flower Town of Canada.

Brampton compared to other areas of GTA is still affordable and luxury living starts at a million dollar mark where square footage can be more or less 3000 inside living area. A lot of development has been seen in Northwest Brampton, Bram west Brampton, Fletcher’s Meadow Brampton, Credit Valley Brampton, Snelgove communities of Brampton in the past 5 years. Similarly, development of luxury homes was witnessed in Values of Castlemore, Toronto Gore Rural Estate, Highway 27, and Bram East communities on the eastern side of the city in the last decade. These areas have gained so much popularity recently as affordable luxury homes with age 0-5 years is only possible in the city of Brampton compared to rest of GTA.

Buy or Sell a Luxury Home.

If you are planning to buy or sell a million dollar home or more in Brampton, a knowledgeable realtor with extensive experience can help you achieve your dreams of luxury living with ease. Richi Khanna is well equipped with such knowledge and he is very experienced with selling or buying detached homes 40ft, 50ft and 60ft+ lot frontage.  Using his top notch negotiation skills he will get you the best deal possible out there.  He has helped many families achieve their dream of million dollar homes come true and soon you can be the next one too. Trust and confidence for him goes a long way.

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