Out-of-Area Homeowner Dilemma

Hi, it’s me, Richi Khanna and I help people buy and sell the place they call home. But not how you might think …”

Before I reveal this wonderful story of my client, if you or anyone you know is considering making a move, give me a call at 647-997-1281 or pass on number. You can also go to my website www.SoldGuaranteedByRichi.com to learn more about my Guaranteed Sale Program.

This young family of 4 moved to Waterloo, ON three years ago in search for their first home and ended up buying a starter townhome. Although the house served their needs quite well, but both the spouses had to drive into GTA for their jobs on daily basis. As a result, they spent 3 to 4 hours daily just on road and had no time to enjoy life or even the home.

One day, they saw my ad on facebook that I help move up buyers as well as out-of-area buyers through my GUARANTEED SALE PROGRAM and decided to call me for a discussion. The biggest fear for them was planning the process to move which includes both the sale and purchase of homes in two different market places. Using my popular Guaranteed Sale Program, I was able to sell their house in no time at their asking price but also helped them buy & move into a newer one in Brampton in less than 60 days. Now my clients are much happier & healthier than before as their commute to work is less than half an hour any day.

If I can help them, I can help you too with your move. Call me today for Free & No-Obligation discussion at 647-997-1281.

I specialize in helping people buy and sell properties both within area and out of area. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with the home purchase within 12 months, I will buy it back or sell for free. That’s right, I guarantee in writing. Call today for this exclusive offer.