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What kind of home is best for me!

This is a very common question we have been asked as Realtors time & again. Through this blog, I will try and clear the air as much as possible. For instance, a buyer approaches me and says “I have a budget of $700,000. What kind of property should I buy in the city of Brampton within this set budget?”  The question seems pretty simple but answer is not as simple which I am going to explain in detail now.

Firstly, let’s see what options are out there within $700,000 budget. After running mls search limiting $650,000-$700,000 as listing price we find, there are all kind of detached homes available within that range.  Communities like Avondale, Bram West Brampton, Bram East Brampton, Central Park, where most of the homes are 30 years or more there is a large variety of Detached homes still available either it could be side-split, bunglow house or 2 storey detached home. Also plenty of listings are available in relatively newer communities such as Snelgove, Sandringham-Wellington, Fletcher’s Meadow which are usually less than 30 years. Few handful listings are also available in Northwest Brampton area where homes are using 0-5 years old only. Obviously, there are a lot of many options available in freehold townhomes and semi-detached homes all over Brampton within that range as well.

Important Factors With Any Home Purchase.

The purpose of this exercise if to make a note of key points discussed above. Yes, the home search does need a budget to begin with but more importantly, there are key factors such as community, style of home, age, lot size, interior square footage, number of bedrooms etc. which are critical aspects to any home purchase.  A lot of people have their personal preference as well with type of home or even location such as proximity to schools or work can lead to limiting the search parameters as well at times.

Need for an expert advise is very important.

So combing your personal preference along with available options out there may not lead you to your dream home right away. This is where I step in as a well renowned local Realtor with immense knowledge and experience to hear your needs & requirements of real estate & provide specific solutions. Although you may know what you want but you may not be aware what’s best for you. The money has to be vested at the right place at the right time only. As a professional, my advice goes a long way for my clients. When we first sit down, all those points discussed above and many more are being thoroughly discussed again and gain along with available facts & figures. Most of the times clients visit me with a certain perception but it gets replaced with a more pronounced one after our first meeting.  Once the clients is confident, knows his/her rights, the property search and execution takes place automatically in no time.

My motto is to empower my clients with knowledge & confidence in their journey of purchasing or selling any real estate in Ontario.

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