Why Selling Your Home in Winter is a Great Decision

Winter is here, a little earlier than expected…but this doesn’t mean you should sit in hibernation and wait for the spring market to arrive.

Winter provides some unique opportunities for sellers.


Here are a few reasons why you should immediately put forward a “sign for sale”:


Less Inventory – Less Competition and More Attention

Remember what you learned in middle school economics-supply and demand. If your house is the only house for sale nearby, you will be more interested in the house when the winter market is saturated than the spring market (and have a higher chance of getting a higher price).


First-Quarter Job Relocations

Companies tend to place and/or place their workers in the first quarter of the new year. This means that every winter, there will be HOT buyers quickly looking for new houses.



Less Outdoor Maintenance – Cost Savings

When listing a house in the spring or summer, you need to maintain a landscaping environment and curb attractiveness, which means spending time and money on planting and turf, or at least spending some potted plants and lawn maintenance.

In winter, life is easy. If it snows, then the shovel is almost done. You can even hire neighbors to clear the way for potential buyers. In winter, you will actually have more free time and less maintenance on the outside of the house.


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Serious Buyers

Yes, there may be fewer lingering buyers in the winter-but buyers looking out at this time of the year are very motivated. People who are willing to tolerate cold and humid weather are serious about finding homes and are more likely to qualify for mortgages and pre-approval.


The Internet has NO Seasons

With instant access to real estate listings, the traditional house buying and selling season has developed. 98% of buyers will conduct most house searches online, especially when the weather outside is not ideal. Serious home buyers are always watching. This is why you need to make sure that your real estate agent is an expert at attracting online house hunters. Ask your real estate agent how many websites does your house list? Is your real estate agent recognized and recognized by Google as one of the most reliable real estate agents! 



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