6 Tips On How To Move During Coronavirus Pandemic in Brampton

Move During Coronavirus Pandemic  – Sometimes, moving from one home to another is inevitable, and even during a pandemic, the move date may not be flexible.

Move During Coronavirus Pandemic. This is the exact reason why real estate companies are operating all year long-housing is essential! When the lease expires, some have to move to work, and there are many other life scenarios that require you to move.So if you have to move, how can you do it safely through the coronavirus pandemic? First, you might expect mobile services, truck rental companies and storage units to still operate, and preventive measures added. Having said that, you can expect almost the same process as under normal circumstances, and put more emphasis on ensuring that you have a detailed relocation plan. Our recommendations are as follows:]


  1. Contact your moving service department:

 Stay ahead and confirm your reservations for moving services, truck rentals or storage units, and discuss best practices for moving days. All these companies are adding additional protection measures to help protect their customers, which helps them stay aligned with their customers.


  1. Buy all supplies at once: 

You will want to avoid multiple trips, so it’s best to get everything you need in one trip. Use the packing calculator to estimate all the box sizes, consumables, etc. you need to collect before moving.


  1. Take it with you for cleaning: 

Moving is the best time to disinfect everything. Before packing, please wipe them with disinfectant wipes!


  1. Complete packaging at least 24 hours before moving: 

Coronavirus can last a long time on the surface, including up to 24 hours on a carton. Your mover will wear gloves, but for everyone’s safety, you should at least pack the boxes and keep them in their original condition the day before the movers arrive.


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  1. Provide hygiene for movers:

To help movers follow necessary hygiene practices, make sure not to use products that they can use when transporting your belongings to and from the moving truck. These include soap and paper towels next to the sink, and hand sanitizer next to the door where you will enter and exit.


  1. Don’t use free or recycled moving boxes:

 now is not the time to use free or recycled moving boxes. The box you already have in your home is fine, but as we mentioned before, the coronavirus can live on a cardboard box for 24 hours, so it is best to use a box that has not been used before.


We know that moving in an uncertain period can be daunting, and buying/selling a house can be daunting! Our team has developed a COVID-19 buyer and seller protection plan to protect your family with 100% actual business operations without any need to enter the home! We have developed a proprietary system that can best meet your online needs and ensure the safety of your family. For more information on these programs, Click Here.






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Move During Coronavirus Pandemic

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