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Counter Intelligence- Kitchen countertops have more materials, colors, and patterns than ever before,

and since many prices are close, making a decision can be more difficult. “Consumer Reports” product testers scratched, soiled and scorched seven major competitors.


 The results they found may help potential rebuilders to narrow down their material choices:


  1. No two granite slabs are the same, but they can easily withstand abuse and maintain their beauty and gloss. But the edges and corners may chip, and the counter needs to be sealed regularly. Estimated cost: $100-$200 per square foot.


  1. Quartz, also known as artificial stone, is a mixture of stone chips, resin and paint. Although the edges and corners may be chipped, they can be used and abused extensively. Although quartz has a variety of bright colors and styles, they may look unnaturally uniform, although manufacturers are trying to adopt a more casual appearance. Estimated cost: $100-$185 per square foot.


  1. Ceramic tile: The tiles have a variety of colors and patterns, can be mixed well with other materials, and work well on the backsplash or island top. It is not only cheap, but also has excellent heat resistance. Even if the grout is sealed, the grout may get dirty, but deeper grout can help. The edges and corners may chip, so buying some extra tiles will allow you to easily repair local damage. Estimated cost: $20-$75 per square foot.


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  1. Butcher block: These are mostly maple wood countertops that are easy to chop and diced and are cute, but they do suffer damage from heat, cuts, scratches, and impacts. They should also be varnished and regularly treated with mineral oil or beeswax. Estimated cost: $35-$200 per square foot.


  1. Over the years, marble is beautiful and classic, with a bronze color, and some people may think it has been damaged. Although it is relatively easy to chip and scratch, it can wipe off small nicks and scratches. Estimated cost: $125-$250 per square foot.


  1. Stainless steel: This material has extremely high heat resistance and stain resistance, which can give the kitchen a sleek commercial appearance. Although stainless steel does show dents and scratches, the material can be welded, ground or polished. Estimated cost: US$75-140 per square foot.


  1. Usually customized concrete can be colored and textured. Not only is it easy to chip and scratch, but it can also produce hairline cracks. External sealants can prevent stains, but not heat; permeable sealants can handle heat, but not stains. Estimated cost: $70-$140 per square foot.




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