6 Things To Do Before Settling Into New Home in Brampton

Settling Into New Home – For both new home buyers and experienced home buyers, buying a home is an exciting time.

This is a brand new beginning, the new wall will build your life. However, once you start to move, things can feel stressful, crazy and exhausting, especially when there is some extra work to be done while stacking one box on top of another. To make your transition go smoothly, we have compiled a list of 6 things to do, and then Settling Into New Home. Undoubtedly, this will save you time and energy, and you can make better use of these time and energy in the ever-changing situation.


  1. Update your information

Before officially moving into your new home, you should start to update the address on your driver’s license, OHIP card, bank information, and all other services that require your place of residence. In addition, you will need to notify your insurance provider to ensure that your home insurance has been transferred and is suitable for your new home insurance. Before moving, you will also need to contact the utility company to establish electricity and gas for the house under your account. Finally, mainly in the case that you rely on a good connection to work at home, please ask any Internet, telephone or TV service provider to get the system up and running. Please see here for a list of address changes to ensure that you do not miss any notifications.


  1. Make your new home shine

Before the grand day arrives, please take some time or hire a company to complete the deep cleaning of the house. Make sure that the high-contact surfaces are disinfected, the carpets are steam cleaned, the equipment is cleaned, and every corner and crevice is spotless, ready for a new life. If the color of the house does not match your decor or aesthetic style, or you want to remove the smell of pets or smoke, please take a moment to apply a layer of fresh paint on the walls. When you move in, you will feel like the first family to own a house, and the day of moving will be a breeze.

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  1. Make a home maintenance schedule

When it comes to home ownership, home maintenance should never be something you skip. Maintaining a regular schedule will ultimately help you protect your investment and hope to minimize the costly repairs that may be required. You can start this work as soon as possible after receiving the house inspection report, as it may contain work to be completed or repair suggestions.

Create and organize a filing system for any manuals or instructions, and clearly outline how often large items or equipment should be maintained or replaced and when seasonal maintenance should be performed. This is also a great opportunity for you to do research and find a list of local plumbers, electricians, insecticides, landscapers, or snow removal companies that you may need to use in the future.


  1. Smoke and carbon monoxide detector

For every homeowner, it is good practice to check smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors frequently to make sure they are working properly. Before moving in, checking or replacing existing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors or their batteries should be one of the first items to check your list. Home safety experts recommend replacing the battery every 6 months, so make sure to mark it on the calendar to complete the half-year maintenance. If you are not sure how to test the system, your local fire department may provide some tips or provide a free inspection.


  1. Change your lock

At the beginning of buying a house, it is easy to get the key to a new house. This is one of the best feelings when buying a new house. Everything is real, and a new adventure is about to begin. But for security reasons, the transfer of keys should be ritual. You will never know how many house keys have been made and how many people can still get the house keys. This can be an easy fix by installing new deadbolts yourself or by calling a locksmith in to do it for you. Make sure if you get copies made that you only give them to necessary persons, and write them down, so you don’t lose track. 


  1. Familiar with your home

After becoming a homeowner, you must be familiar with the home system. Take time to understand everything. Locate the furnace, air conditioning system, circuit breaker and main water shutoff valve of the house. Please pay attention to these matters when conducting drills with REALTOR® or a house inspector. Once you enter the house, please inspect it yourself or hire someone to conduct a second inspection with you so that you know how to best take care of the house and protect your investment.



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