10 Signs You Grew Up In Brampton

Signs You Grew Up In Brampton – While many suburbanites today call Toronto home, a sizable percentage would deny ever being born north of Bloor. Regardless, there are frequently tell-tale indicators that demonstrate the contrary.


Here are 10 signs you grew up in Brampton.

1. You claim Sonny’s burgers are superior than anything else in Toronto. And if you’ve ever gone there at 3 a.m., you’ve probably seen drunk men sipping from the ketchup dispenser.


2. You used to hang out at the food court in Bramalea City Centre after school to meet your pals from different schools, but you had to “steal” a bus ticket from someone else to get there.


3. Every Friday night, you went to Silver City Movie Theatre in Trinity Commons, not to watch a movie, but to hang out, talk, and show off new clothing.


4. You recall the “old” Shopper’s World, complete with the finest Pizza Hut ever (it had a SUNDAE BAR). There was also a Jumbo Video where people could get free popcorn and rent video games.


5. As a youngster, you attended a birthday celebration at McDonald’s on Queen or Main Street. As an adult, you went to the same McDonald’s and waited 20 minutes in line just to have the clerk kiss their teeth at you and give you the wrong order. Laser Quest and Discovery Zone are two other options for birthday party locations.


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6. You’ve been to at least a half-dozen Professor’s Lake Recreation Centre birthday parties and one Loafer’s Lake dance.


7. You went ice skating in Gage Park and planned to spend New Year’s Eve there. Other attractions were the Century Gardens waterslide and the Balmoral Rope.


8. You know that in the summer, the lines at Dairy Queen on Queen St are insane, and you’ll be served by a 14-year-old with braces who doesn’t put nearly enough Oreo in your Blizzard.


9. You understand how to spell and pronounce ‘Chinguacousy.’


10. You were born at Peel Memorial Hospital and will never be referred to as William Osler Health Centre.


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Signs You Grew Up In Brampton

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