First-Time Homebuyer Tips—And Mistakes To Avoid

Homebuyer Tips – Homeowners who are unfamiliar with the purchasing process can frequently benefit from a few first-time homebuyer advice. It might be beneficial for them to be aware of what they are putting themselves into.

The steps in the home buying process vary by provinces and rely on local tradition, but there are just five in general: locate an agent, find a house, obtain a loan, negotiate, and get a home inspection. They do not always occur in this sequence.


Hire an Agent

You don’t have to employ a buyer’s agent if you want to attend to open houses or search through a slew of listings online, but doing so will save you time and possibly a little of worry.

  • An agent can send you listings from the MLS that match your criteria.
  • Agents frequently get advance notice of new properties that are about to reach the market.
  • When touring properties, you can use the agent’s gas instead of your own. Some agents will even take you on house tours.
  • In most cases, an agent can identify expensive properties and advise you accordingly.


Find a Home to Buy

It is not always simple to find the perfect place to live. You generally won’t want to book more than seven properties at once because doing so will make your head spin.

Before even setting foot in a house, most buyers conduct extensive research. According to the National Association of REALTORS, they spend an average of six to eight weeks deciding where they want to reside. After deciding on a neighborhood, most buyers purchase a house after two or three home tours.


Get a Loan

It is not always necessary to have a mortgage broker or bank in mind before purchasing a property, but it is advisable to obtain loan preapproval ahead of time. Preapproval isn’t a guarantee that you’ll obtain the loan, but it does tell you how much house you can afford.

You may ask your real estate agent for a referral to a mortgage broker, or you can check with your own bank or credit union. What matters most is that you evaluate the many types of mortgages accessible to you and shop around for the best conditions. Don’t merely look for the lowest interest rate because rates might differ significantly between fixed- and adjustable-rate loans.


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Negotiate the Offer

Buyers frequently make the mistake of comparing the sales price of a house to the prices of other properties they’ve visited, which can be detrimental. Sellers may ask any price they choose, but it doesn’t guarantee that the house will sell for that amount.

A real estate agent can give comparable sales as well as pending sales. Comparable sales are comparable house types that have sold within the last three months in the same condition and area. Location, age, lot size, square footage, style, and features are all included in the comparison. Exact comparable sales are uncommon, but the variations are considered to determine if they increase or decrease the sales price.


Do a Home Inspection

A house inspection is required in certain provinces before a buyer makes a buying offer. In certain cases, it is a contract contingency. A contract contingency indicates that a buyer has the option to cancel the deal if the inspection reveals flaws.

If issues are identified during a house inspection, sellers are typically not obligated to make repairs. The examination is carried out for the buyer’s benefit—forewarned is forearmed. When a buyer submits a Request for Fix, a seller may agree to repair or decrease the sales price rather than cancel the transaction.





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