Fall Home Maintenance Tips in Brampton, Ontario

Fall Home Maintenance –  One of the most gorgeous seasons of the year! The temperature has dropped and the leaves have started to turn, telling us that winter isn’t far away.

Before the snow falls, our houses require some TLC to assure our warmth and safety over the months — yes, months – of winter. We’ve put up a few pointers on where to start and what to include in your autumn home maintenance checklist:


– Examine and clean your eaves trough. You must maintain your gutters in order to guarantee a smooth and safe flow of water away from your home’s exterior and foundation walls. So, before the leaves begin to fall this season, have your gutters cleaned and then covered with mesh guards to prevent debris from returning.

-Examine the condition of your roof. Those of us who have lived in the Brampton region for a number of years are well aware that our winters are anything but pleasant. We have a lot of snow, strong gusts, and much more ice buildup. If you take the time before the cold snap to inspect your roof from top to bottom – looking for cracked and/or broken shingles, for example – you’ll prevent problems like a leaky roof this winter.

-Give your furnace a checkup. This should be done at least once a year (especially before the depth of winter hits). This includes ensuring that its general performance is satisfactory, that its filter is clean, and that its thermostat operates correctly.

-Has your snowblower been serviced if you use one? If you are thinking about hiring a snow removal business, now is the time to conduct your homework. Ask your neighbors for suggestions, check internet reviews, and call the snow removal businesses on your shortlist to confirm they match your requirements. While pricing is always a factor, dependability is especially crucial during heavy snowfalls.


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-Accept the end of grilling season unless you’re one of those die-hard grill-masters. Don’t forget to cover or store yours, clean the grills and burners, and disconnect the tank and store it safely.

-Seal any holes where mice or other creatures may enter. We all enjoy nature, but let’s keep the wildlife outside! Mice just require a little space to enter your home. With winter weather on the way, they’ll be seeking warm and attractive locations to nest (like your house!). Fill tiny gaps and firmly cover bigger gaps. If you’re not sure what materials to use, ask your local hardware or home improvement store for recommendations on what would work best for the project.

-Install weather stripping around the frames of your windows and doors. While many newer homes may not require it, if you have ever lived in an older home, you will know that weather stripping applied around the frames of windows and doors can make a significant difference in keeping the cold out and the heat in, saving you money on heating costs and keeping your home cozy and dry.

-Upkeep of the fireplace. Even if you dislike winter, nothing beats gathering around a warm fire on a frigid day! If you have a wood-burning fireplace in your house, schedule a chimney cleaning and stock up on and stockpile wood in a dry area. Before you start a fire, make sure your chimney is clean, well-maintained, and in good operating condition.

-Take care of your lawn. Tools and furnishings that will not be able to withstand the cold should be stored. Items that are too large to transport should be covered and secured. In fact, the fall is an excellent time to tackle family-friendly chores such as raking leaves, arranging toys, disconnecting the outside hose, and so on. Simple ideas to get the entire family involved and prepared for winter!


Spending in autumn house maintenance now will help you avoid unpleasant surprises later. Have a wonderful fall and winter, everyone!


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Fall Home Maintenance

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