Kind Of Houses – Which Dream House Suits Best For You in Brampton

Kind Of Houses – Have you ever wondered what kind of neighbourhood appeals to you the most?


Determining what Kind of Houses suits you and Purchasing a home is an exciting time in one’s life. When it comes to housing styles, you have a lot of options. What Kind Of Houses suits you? Is it a bungalow, a stacked condo, or a single-family home? Understanding the significance of lifestyle and personality traits, as well as how they engage best with various types of neighbourhoods, can help you avoid the dreaded “Buyer’s Remorse.” So, whether you’re a working professional, a retiree, or have a large family, take a look at the list below and decide which style of house you’re looking for before handing over that downpayment.



                   You want to avoid outdoor upkeep and maintenance while enjoying your own personal space. This no-surprises style of living includes a monthly fee that covers all costs associated with outdoor maintenance and shared amenities, allowing you to focus on in-house necessities such as decor and keeping the shower drain clear of clogs.



                    If you are a bungalow, you may be an older family with limited mobility or preparing for retirement and looking for a house with fewer stairs. Other people who identify as Bungalows are those who appreciate and enjoy a more open concept living style, which primarily applies to singles and families of all ages and stages of life.


         Stacked Condos

                    Appeal to young families pursuing the allure of city homeownership at a more affordable price. Owners of AppStacked townhomes retain the functionality of a multi-level home. There are monthly association fees for shared services like snow removal, landscaping, and amenities. 


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           Semi-detached and townhomes

                    Are you a social butterfly who enjoys being neighbourly and living in developments with common interests? You could be a townhouse or a semi-detached house! Semi-detached and townhomes are ideal for people who don’t mind living close to their neighbours. You might share a driveway or a lawn with another neighbour, and vice versa.


               Single Family Home

                    You appreciate space and privacy. Single-family homes are suitable for larger or growing families, often with more bedrooms, a private yard and room for storage or a car-park.


While this list will not protect you from noisy neighbours or someone’s “outdoor cat” invading your garden, it is a good starting point for finding the right place for you and your family.

Using a Realtor who works in the neighbourhood of your choice can also help to eliminate surprises, as their knowledge may shed light on features you like or deal breakers you should avoid.



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