Is It Safe to Buy a House Near Power Lines

It is not uncommon to see residences near electricity lines. However, not everybody is comfortable purchasing a home near power lines or pylons.

The Safety Concerns Involved in The Purchase Of A Home Near Power Lines

If you are considering purchasing a property near electricity lines, the following are the major safety risks you should be aware of:

  1. Electrocution and Fire

Power lines that are drooping or sagging represent a serious risk to both property and persons. And your home is no exception. When there is a strong demand or when temperatures and flames are high, power lines typically droop lower. As a result, ground clearance is reduced, increasing the danger of electrocution and fire. There have been a few reports of persons being shocked to death by low-hanging power wires.

If your home is near one, it is necessary to trim trees near power lines. This helps to reduce interference in the event of a weather-related calamity.

  1. Noise of Buzzing

The loudness might be annoying. It can be an issue for those seeking peace and quiet. Furthermore, the elderly, extremely small children, and the ill are generally sensitive to noise. It can have a major negative impact on their sleep quality, affecting their health and well-being. In the event of very ill individuals, the loudness might lead to significant consequences.

The buzzing may be an indication of underlying electrical issues in some situations. If, for example, the buzzing is louder than normal, it is critical to seek the assistance of the appropriate authorities. This may aid in addressing the issue before it becomes a significant safety concern.

  1. Radiation Exposure (Electro-Magnetic Fields)

According to research, everyone is exposed to some degree of radiation. This radiation is emitted by electrical equipment that we use every day in our homes, such as cell phones, refrigerators, and laptops. Radiation has been related to a variety of health issues, including cancer.

The severity of the health consequences, however, is determined by the intensity of the radiation. Household appliances and electrical cables produce extremely low-frequency radiation throughout the home. As a result, they offer extremely little health concerns, and we continue to utilize them.


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When Buying A House Next To Power Lines, Keep A Safe Distance

To be protected from the hazards mentioned above, it is best to reside inside the safe zone, some distance away from power lines. The distance will be determined by whether the power cables are high-voltage or low-voltage.

Buying a home near high voltage power lines, without a doubt, puts you at a higher danger of radiation. Fortunately, the majority of power lines in residential areas and streets are low voltage, thus the radiation intensity is minimal.



This is not a simple yes or no question. Before making a purchase, it is important to do the appropriate due diligence. This entails completing an examination of the residence based on the safety concerns mentioned previously.

You may do this assessment on your own or with very minimal expert assistance. For example, by glancing around or conducting a few informal discussions, it is simple to determine the buzzing noise levels and the probability of electrocution or fire.

When it comes to EMF radiation, you may use a gauss meter or an EMF meter to measure it. These are portable gadgets, the majority of which may be purchased online or in local retail locations. If the property is close to a pylon or a high voltage power line, you can arrange for an on-site reading with the local power provider.

So, if you find a house next to a power line, don’t discount it because of safety concerns without completing your homework. Otherwise, you may be passing up a fantastic house.



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