Price It Right: The Right Prices of Homes in Brampton

When a home is listed, it must be priced correctly in order for you to get the price you deserve for it. There are several things to consider when pricing a home, and I will walk you through the process to ensure a successful outcome. The listing price is ultimately up to you, but trust your agent; they know what they’re doing!


What’s in a Price?

When it comes to selling a house, the price will make or break the deal. A home that is priced too low does not sell for top dollar, whereas a home that is priced too high may discourage buyers. It’s important to get a home priced correctly the moment it goes on the market.

What Goes into Pricing a Home?

I will use a variety of factors to help guide you to the perfect listing price for your home. These factors include:

  • Recent sold data, houses that are currently on the market, and even listings that have been cancelled or expired in your neighborhood are all available. Consider that just because two homes appear to be the same on the outside does not mean they are worth the same; there’s several factors that go into pricing a home, including repairs and maintenance.
  • Market trends in your neighborhood and throughout the city. It is critical to compare the data to market trends. Our Brampton real estate market is constantly changing, and pricing can vary from year to year. Multiple offers are a hot trend right now, and this can have an impact on listing price because it is critical that the price allow for offers.
  • The state of your home. It can be difficult to assess the value of our own home objectively. Someone else may see something that needs to be replaced where you see beautiful memories. When it comes to the value of your home, your agent will be able to provide a honest view.
  • Experience and knowledge A real estate agent works in this market every day, and their firsthand knowledge of your neighborhood can outweigh any statistics or trends.
  • Combine all of the information to create a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of your home. Using all of these factors, your agent will create a CMA that will estimate the value of your home.


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