Why Move? A Look into Brampton’s Homebuyers

How many times (so far) have you moved in your life? Only once? How about twice? For a brief period of time while in school? Do you have a job? Or have you relocated far too many times to count? What about the times when you moved from one location to another on your own? Were they a part of your family? Who is your partner? A couple of pals? And did you live in these houses long enough to call them yours? Sure, the vast majority of us will respond differently to each of these questions, but we will all agree on one thing: the overall experience.

To be honest, moving from one house to another is not an easy task. Consider the plethora of varying questions posed above. Moving can unmistakably be described as a strenuous, complex task that necessitates careful planning and absolute certainty. So make your decision wisely and rationally.

Here’s a small breakdown of why Canadians move according to ComFree Living:

  • Job relocation (53%)
  • Increase in family size: marriage, kids etc. (42%)
  • Family size decrease: divorce, empty nest etc. (20%)
  • Retirement (18%)
  • Came into more money (14%)
  • Home was in need of renovations (14%)


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Evidently, we move in response to the events of life. We move – young and old, together and apart. Homeowners who move every five years, on the other hand, may face financial difficulties. Over a 60-year period, this could amount to as much as $180,000 [or more] in traditional real estate agent commissions and, of course, other required real estate fees.

Furthermore, due to the growing millennial generation, the real estate market anticipates a significant increase in both first-time homeowners and new buyers over the next several years. Moving can be quite stressful for some people. However, if you plan ahead of time and sit down with your family to discuss your options, the process will be much smoother. So devise a strategy – a road map for where you see yourself growing and constructing a home – and live in that home for as long as you see fit.


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